Preparing Your Home

It is important for potential buyers to focus on the key features of your home without distraction. The online images are the first impression. The following suggestions will help show your home look its best:

* Do not schedule contractors, window cleaners, and gardeners on the day of your photography.

* Secure pets in a safe location, or take them for a walk.

* Remove vehicles from the driveway and street in front of the home.

* If on a street with limited parking, park your car in front, can be moved for the exterior shots.

* Keep exterior grounds dry without water on the ground or driveway.

* Open window coverings and blinds to maximize natural light.

* Remove any items from the exterior of the refrigerator.

* Reduce clutter on kitchen counter tops and bathrooms.

* Make all beds and tidy up bedrooms.

* Hide most toys or keep them in the kids' closets. A few toys are okay.

* Remove pet bowls, toys, and litter boxes from rooms that will be photographed.

* Put away newspapers and magazines.

* Make sure all light bulbs work.

* Roll up garden hoses and store all garden tools out of sight.

* Put trash into outside trash bins. Hide all trash containers.

* Get the lawn mowed and edged, the weeds pulled, and leaves picked up prior to the photography day.

* Store pool cleaning equipment, remove pool vacuum and place out of sight.

* Conceal valuables as the photos will be widely viewed on the internet.